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The Three Cauldrons

The Essence of Your Energetic Eco-system through the Celtic Philosophy of The Three Cauldrons. 

Understanding your Energetic Ecosystem is key to discernment and self-awareness. Exploring the dynamic exchange of energies within and around yourself will help you recognize how your energetic interactions influence your emotions, relationships, and sense of self.

This is the foundation of my practice as I have found this knowledge and energetic self-awareness is the key to integrating the shamanic work done in non-ordinary reality and bringing it into form here in our ordinary reality

To understand the concept of energetic fields and boundaries better, it's important to recognize that all living beings and objects possess an energetic essence or life force; everything is made up of energy, vibrating with its unique frequency. This belief is deeply rooted in ancestral wisdom and is part of various spiritual traditions, including animism, energy healing, holistic practices, and shamanism, where energy constantly flows and interconnects between individuals and the environment.


Your body is enveloped in layers of energetic fields, intricately connected to your life force. There are many different types of fields, but we aren't going to discuss all of them, instead, we are going to begin by simplifying and going into your Auric fields or Subtle energy bodies, this is the energy that acts as an energetic force field surrounding your physical body. Each field regulates harmony in different aspects of your life, creating a delicate balance between your inner self and the world around you. Within these energetic fields, you encounter subtle and invisible barriers known as energetic boundaries. Throughout our lives, we interact with various energies, both from within ourselves and from the world around us. These energies can be uplifting and harmonious, or they may be too heavy, and chaotic and drain our vitality.


Energetic boundaries act as the filters, regulating the flow of energies in and out of your being. They serve as protective shields, safeguarding your energetic fields and offering protection for your core self from absorbing energies that are not in harmony with your unique vibration. This helps keep you clear from others' emotional burdens, or stresses from external sources. They work to keep you clear and safe from energetic drains, emotional overload, and loss of authenticity impacted by the influence of others and also from psychic attacks, and other forms of energetic intrusions.

When you begin to define the limits of your personal space, your boundaries will empower you to discern and differentiate between your own emotions, thoughts, and energy, and those that come from external sources. 

Following this introductory exploration, we will progressively delve into the various layers of your energetic bodies. This exploration aims to provide insight into how your fields and boundaries may be compromised and empower you with steps to cultivate a heightened self-awareness. This discernment will guide you in distinguishing between what is inherently yours and what is not, and in identifying the limits of your energetic boundaries. Additionally, it will contribute to your comprehension of when you are in harmonious alignment, experiencing a genuine resonance with your soul.

Tuning into our energetic landscape and developing self-awareness of our energy flow and patterns requires practice, patience, and a willingness to explore our inner selves. And the fact that we have so many layers of energetic fields, I have decided to break them down by boundary and we are going to explore them per boundary and what is contained in that field. What I mean by that is we are going to break our fields down by 4 different boundaries. 

These sessions on your Fields and Boundaries will include detailed information about the aspects of each, what they may feel like when they are compromised and what they may feel like when they are in harmony.  Each session will include a journey to explore your unique vibration and the expression of your energy body as we traverse your energetic landscape.  You will leave each session with a little homework to help integrate what you discover. Leading you closer to having a deeper self-awareness, able to trust your intuition and your discernment. 

Before we begin this initial session, it will be essential to have the Spirit Guide Retrieval & Clearing. Then, in this session, we will delve into the intricate connection between all of your energetic fields, the chakra system, and your boundaries. This exploration aims to familiarize yourself with how your unique energy fields manifest in relation to your surroundings. 

This session marks the initial step in our journey towards establishing a solid foundation for your understanding of how energy collaborates with you and how the spirit world can interactively support you.
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What is involved in your session? 

The Energetic Boundary Foundation Consists of the Required 6 Sessions: 

  • Spirit Guide Retrieval & Energetic Extraction/Clearing

  • Energetic Boundaries 101

  • Physical Field & Boundaries 

  • Emotional Field & Boundaries 

  • Relational Field & Boundaries 

  • Spiritual Field & Boundaries. 

  • $180 Each Pay As You Go With a Contract for 6 Sessions OR

  •  $1080 Pay Up Front ( Payment Plans Available) 

  • In-Person Sessions Price is to be Determined ( based on location) 

  • Payment will be invoiced once we schedule your session. (payment plans available)

  • 90 - 120 Minutes 

  • Customized PDF and Videos about Boundaries and Fields

  • A custom altar created for your session.

  • Brief discussion to set an intention.

  • Shamanic Journey Session either in-person or remotely online.  (this can be decided in our first call) 

  • Information given to help integrate your experience. 

All follow up communication about session will be done through email.  If you would like to discuss on the phone or Zoom, first 30 mins are free, then I charge $50 an hour. 

Before we move to this step, we must go through the initial Spirit Guide Retrieval and an Energetic Clearing which is the first session. 

If we haven't done that yet, please book your 30 minute call.

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