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I am one who walks with the Elements

Breath, the first inhale, brings us to life, and the last exhale releases our life. I have always said I was born with a death breath, as I was born blue, not breathing. When I took that first breath, I left one foot in the in-between realms and one foot in this reality. This began my relationship with the spirit world at a very young age.

Growing up, I had numerous ghostly and otherworldly encounters. Over time, these unexplainable experiences led me to believe in a world beyond what we can see with our eyes and set me on a path of spiritual seeking.

Growing up with a mom who was an Astrologer gave me the unique opportunity to explore new ways of thinking and approaching Spirituality. I have studied various modalities throughout my lifetime, from becoming a "Certified Crystal Healer" at the age of 13 to diving into Astrology, Wicca, The Occult, Tarot, and Shamanism.  In my 40s, I spent almost 5 years apprenticing with a Shamanic Sound Healer, learning how the power of sound, combined with intention and loving spirit allies, could be the carrier wave of intention to create paths to deep healing.


Eventually, I reached a crossroads that directed me toward my ancestors. Stepping away from seeking wisdom from others' sacred fires, I discovered a rich history and a depth of spiritual practice in my own Scandinavian and Celtic cultures. This revelation led me to explore Animism, The Runes, Seidr, and Ancestral Healing.

I am a Shamanic Healer and a Death & Grief  Tender, initiated in my Nordic & Celtic ancestral lineage, which includes Artists, Musicians, Healers, Dreamers, Mapmakers, Mystics, Keeners, and Volvas. Now, I sit at the sacred fire of my Ancestral elders.  

In my Ritual Healing Practice, I focus on the entire Human system. Through experience and teachings, I have come to understand the interconnectedness of all things. I concentrate on the Mind, Body, Soul, and Subtle Body, recognizing that we are more than just cognitive thinking processes. When we spend time together, I approach it by acknowledging you exactly where you are. I listen deeply, paying attention to the subtle energies presenting themselves. In this way, we work at a gentle and easy pace for your entire system to assimilate and integrate. This allows the necessary shifts to happen without overwhelming your entire system. 


My Philosophy

The work I do may not always be the best fit for everyone. If you wish to collaborate with me, I request that you possess the ability to engage in the work. This entails advocating for yourself and your well-being, stepping into your center, claiming your power, and undertaking the tasks necessary to bring about the changes and shifts you desire. Our journey together is not always a simple, straight line.  I have the gift of seeing in the dark with my heart, which means I also see into the depths of darkness where we hide our shame, fear, anxiety, guilt, and other "not-so-pleasant" truths.  Working with me will most likely involve shining a light in the darkness and presenting you with your shadows. Shadow Work is a massive part of the work we would do together. 

Effecting a fundamental shift in your life involves working with various layers. Just as an artist uses layers to cover their canvas, we as humans layer our beliefs and energy bodies many times over as we grow and experience life, spanning not only this lifetime but the many lifetimes we have traversed. While some issues can be resolved swiftly or with one session, others may be more layered and require multiple sessions to reach the root. The key to working with me is understanding that I do not focus on speed; I believe in the process of healing and integration over time, addressing things we may have carried for years.

It's crucial to clarify that I do not claim to create instant miracles. Healing requires dedicated effort. If you seek an instantaneous miraculous session, I might not be the right practitioner for you.

I require you to recognize yourself as a sovereign being. While I can act as an intermediary with the spirit world on your behalf, you remain responsible for the necessary integration work, working with perception shifts, and heeding the guidance offered by the spirits. I cannot predict the impact of sessions or your reactions, as individuals respond differently to energy work. I take precautions to ensure a gentle process, urging you to receive the healing in the way that is perfect for you.

This work is not suitable for individuals experiencing unstable mental health conditions and/or in a traumatic crisis.

To those facing such challenges, I extend grace and love, recommending collaboration with professionals in psychology and trauma support. I am not a therapist or doctor, and if you are in crisis, I strongly advise seeking a therapeutic environment for support. While I can be part of your support team, having additional support is essential.

All clients must be resilient and capable of attending to their psychological and physical needs before, during, and after sessions.

Education & Certification
  • Deathwives Death & Grief Doula 2024

  • Held Death Doula 2023

  • Seidr, Volva, Staff Carrying Apprenticeships 2018 - 2022

  • Certification in Somatic Embodiment, with a focus on Trauma and The Polyvagal Theory. 2021

  • Embodiment, Boundaries and The Ancestors 2020 - 2021

  • Ancestral Lineage Healing 2019- 2020

  • Practical Animism 2019 - 2020

  • Shamanic Sound Healing Apprenticeship 2014 - 2019

  • Core Shamanic Practioner Multiple Certifications 2013 - 2019

  • Rune Teachings with Ingrid Kincaid 2018 - 2020

  • Art Therapy Certification 2018

  • Soul Collage Certified Facilitator 2017

  • Oregon College of Art & Craft - Book Art, Painting 1997 - 2000

  • Crystal Healing Certification 1985

  • All things magical, perspective-shifting, spiritual seeking my entire life.

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