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“Aimee Traeden has a gift - the kind of profound gift you’re lucky to find in a healer, in a lifetime. She is a true Seer of the ancient/perennial traditions, who is both naturally brilliant at what she does, and has put in years of study and dedication needed to master her natural (and highly potent) abilities. I received a remote house and land clearing session from Aimee and was frankly stunned by its power and effectiveness. I’ve heard about remote viewing - when people are able to view a physical location through their inner vision - but was never fully convinced of how literally they were really seeing said locations. Well, after my session with Aimee I am a convert and know that it is possible. Aimee has never been to my house, yet she described both my land and my home with a level of detail that only someone literally standing right there would be able to do. She did this not only with me, but with several friends who I recommended her clearings to, it was awe- inspiring. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

The energies and perspective Aimee draws from are palpbably wise, loving, sacred and true. Her discernment and understanding of spirit work is top level. The descriptions she related to psychic phenomena with our space was uncannily accurate to my own experiences and perceptions ( none of which I’d mentioned to her), and in that way was not only trust inspiring but personally validating and fascinating.

The week following my clearing, I noticed a palpable lifting of heaviness within our space and in my personal relationship. Dynamics which had felt off track, clicked back into place - to an amazing degree. It truly felt like we had been swimming with weights on our backs and Aimee removed them. I worried that an outside source removing negative energies might only be a temporary fix, but it’s proven to be a lasting shift.

Sometimes we just need a little assistance to reset. And so much of our wellbeing, or lack thereof, is influenced by elements not visible to the naked eye - or within the parameters of, say, traditional therapy - we really can’t afford to ignore them, yet it takes a gifted seer and healer to address these subtle influences. That is where is Aimee comes in.

I’ve literally recommended Aimee’s clearings every week to someone since my session, because of how enriching the experience was for me, and how effective the work has proven to be. Everyone has reported back glowing reviews on par with my experience. If you’re feeling stuck or weighed down, in need of a lift or some assisstance - or just wish to take your journey to the next level — Aimee is absolutely who I would recommend. It’s rare to find someone as grounded, yet able to travel between the worlds — as profound yet also relatable and hilarious as Aimee. She is truly special, with a unique and astounding set of gifts to offer in service of elevation and healing. "

-Tai Woodville. Portland, OR.

"I am trained in core shamanism myself, and I come from a professional therapy background, so I’m extremely careful about who I trust to do any healing work for me! I decided to contact Aimee after watching one of her videos on social media and I’m very glad I did. I found her to be very approachable, kind and she really listens. I wasn’t sure how a Zoom-based session would go, but it worked very well. Aimee expertly held the healing space, while at the same time keeping out of the way of her spirit guides. I am quite comfortable with healing journeys, having done many over the years, but I can honestly say that even if I had never done one before, I would have felt totally safe with her. I felt so much better after the first session that I went back for another – and I will be back again! I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Aimee. If you are looking for a grounded, authentic, compassionate healing experience, look no further."

FH. UK. Wales


"Aimee & I met serendipitously one day at a farmers market where she sells her handmade jewelry. It wasn’t the jewelry that drew me into her booth (although she does beautiful work there too!) but her energy. She began mentoring me in the ways of inner child work, soul retrievals, past life regressions, and spirit guides shedding layer upon layer of unhealed traumas to varying degrees that have catapulted me into the current version of me. Aimee’s gifts and connections to alternate worlds and dimensions are powerful, and she utilizes them to gently shift and release what no longer serves you and your space. She is a wonderful human! It’s been a joyful adventure being in her energy and becoming a better version of me because of her guidance and gifts!"

BB, Lehi, Ut.

“Aimee's work and gifts are AMAZING! We are so thankful that she was able to do a spring clearing session for our home. She was spot-on in describing our home and property, as well as the energies present. Aimee clearly explained her journey in real-time with incredible imagery. I loved how she described the energies present, what emotions they represented...then transformed and blasted them with light, so cool! What she uncovered during the session really made sense and resonated with our own experiences. It was such a gift to have a glimpse into the spirit/energetic world through Aimee's ability. Listening to her beautiful chanting, drumming and song made me feel like I was able to journey with her. It was a truly healing and moving experience."

 Kristin W. Vashon, WA. 


"When I came to Aimee; I was muddled, cloudy, frenzied, anxious, and frankly a complete mess. I knew I was not myself and hadn’t been for quite some time. During Aimee’s clearing work, I literally returned to the best version of myself; I can think, I can make good decisions again, and I have clarity/ clean sight. She has brought a sense of peace and calm to my being. Aimee helped me connect to my inner power in ways no one else ever has. Throughout all of my healing in my lifetime, Aimee’s was the most lasting (and still continues); she cleared a ton of stuff from my energy that did not resonate with who I was and should never have been there. Because of her, my body can now re-align and heal safely, without fear and anxiety. Aimee is gifted and spiritual, unlike anyone I have ever met. Her “knowing” ability is strong, and her skills unique & rare. Next, I asked specifically for a guide and the guide she found for me was perfect, she knew things I had forgotten in my fuzziness and was able to call in the perfect protection, exactly what I needed. Her teaching and knowledge are supreme; the experience amazing. I now have the peace, clarity & protection I always needed because of her. I definitely highly recommend her!”

Melanie S. Jackson, WY. 

“Working with Aimee has been such an honor. As well as a journey. Aimee is gifted and talented in so many ways and someone I have trusted with some amazing, life changing work. Aimee is able to find the spark essence of who you are pull it out of the depths of darkness to help you learn how to shine brightly on your own. I am so grateful for the sessions I have had with Aimee and look forward to working with her more in the future! She really has changed the direction of my life path for the best and it felt like destiny meeting. “

BA, Twin Falls, ID. 

altar christine.jpg

“Aimee is amazing! I’ve gotten two readings from her in the last few years and they always exceed my expectations. She is thorough and she always sees/gives more about a situation. Never disappointed… always so much better afterwards!!”

LP, Vason, WA. 

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