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Let's go further...


Diving deep into the roots...aka Entry Point Work 

** Please Note that each of these types of sessions requires a Spirit Guide Retrieval & Energetic Extraction/Clearing. ( Click the links to learn more, I also include them in Session Bundles)


If you have a solid foundational understanding of your Energetic Landscape and are willing to do the work it requires to know yourself more deeply, we can begin to go even deeper and explore what lies far below the surface. I call the work we do in these spaces Entry Point work or getting to the root of an issue.


To begin with, you need to know that I view the world through a quantum lens. I believe the past, present, and future are all happening simultaneously. If everything is happening at the same time, we can access our timelines through Shamanic Journey work.


This is where we begin to peel back layers to find the root of an issue. From that place, we can alchemize, transmute, transfigure, and tend to our deep wounding, belief systems, and whatever else may be asking for attention.  

I have always been someone who can see into the darkest places and shine a light. This light may shine on parts or aspects of self that we want to hide or run from.  We may feel shame, disgust, or guilt in these places, so we bury them deep in our unconscious, subconscious, far enough away that we don't have to acknowledge or see them.  The common term for diving into these spaces is "shadow work,"  for when we shine a light into the darkness, our hidden aspects may cast a shadow.  Once we are brave enough to look at these shadowy places, we can acknowledge and forgive ourselves, grow, and move further up the mountain. 

It is tough for me to predict how these sessions will present themselves for you.  Depending on the issues that you want to address, these sessions can present themselves as Soul Retrieval, Past Life Healing, Thouhtform & Belief Unraveling, Curse or Contract Release, Compassionate Spirit Release, Dismemberment, and will depend on your intention and how the spirits direct the sessions.  

This work can traverse the realms you know as the here and now, and we may travel to the past, the future, or work in the present. When we set intentions for your session, I always ask to be taken to the most beneficial place for you at the moment, and we go from there.  I have found that we can cover many lifetimes at once when we are taken to the root of an issue, and it can expand across all dimensions of reality. 

More detailed information on the below sessions, coming soon .

More detailed  information coming soon...

  • Soul Retrieval
  • Thoughtform & Belief Unraveling
  • Curse & Contract Releasing
  • Dismemberment
  • Cord Cutting
  • Compassionate Spirit Release
  • Past Life Healing
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What is involved in your session? 

  • $240 - Single Remote Session. 

  • I offer Bundled Sessions as well, as a guide and clearing are necessary to do this work.  ( See below structure ) 

  • In-Person Sessions Price is to be Determined ( based on location) 

  • Payment will be invoiced once we schedule your session. (payment plans available)

  • 90- 120 Minutes 

  • A custom altar created for your session.

  • Brief discussion to set an intention.

  • Shamanic Journey Session either in-person or remotely online.  (this can be decided in our first call) 

  • Information given to help integrate your experience. 

All follow up communication about session will be done through email.  If you would like to discuss on the phone or Zoom, first 30 mins are free, then I charge $50 an hour. 

Bundled Sessions

The above sessions all require some form of Spirit Guide, and an Energetic Clearing or Extraction. If we have not done that, we will need to do that first.  (payment plans available)


3 Sessions 

  • $576 


6 Sessions 

  • $1080


12 Week Mentoring 

  • $2222

 If you want to work with me, please book your free 30 minute phone call. 

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