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Home & Land Tending

What is Home & Land Energetic Tending? 

Tending to your home or land energetically is not only tending to the energies present, but also tending to the spirits that reside there.  

Just like residue builds up over time like dirt on your counters or weeds in the garden, so too can energy build up in your home or on your land that is dense and can impact your living environment and your experience on the land.  These dense energies can be many different things including, thought forms, entities, disembodied spirits, curses, contracts, addictions, timeline bleeds, and many other things. 

In my years of experience of clearing homes, land, humans, pets, etc...I have found that some things take more than sage, or reiki to help release and create lasting shifts. 

But just like a house gets dirty over time, and requires maintenance, so too can a home or land require energetic maintenance, so I suggest doing a clearing every season change. 

As of now, all home &  land clearings I facilitate are done remotely. 

I approach the clearing of your space as a Ritualistic Shamanic Ceremony. I work with my benevolent spirit guides and we remote view to your requested place. Using sound, and shamanism to transmute and alchemize anything that may not be in harmony with you or who else may reside with you.  

Once the clearing is done you will receive a voice recording of the actual ceremony that was performed on your behalf.  You then can take the time to close your eyes and follow along on the journey to witness and hear all that was alchemized with the most harmonious frequencies. There may be other pertinent information that my helping spirits may have for you. Sometimes they provide suggestions to help maintain the clearing. For example, they may have you hang a lead crystal in a window, or throw out a specific object, or move a mirror, or tie a ribbon around a branch of a tree, or they will have you give an offering in some way. Or they may not have anything for you to do at all.

As part of my clearings, I will always fill up the newly created spaces with only the highest vibrational energy of pure love without conditions and beauty.

After you have received your clearing and listened to your recording, we can schedule a time to connect via phone in case you have any questions or you want to talk about your session.

Also, I want to state, that these clearings and recordings are not offerings to teach you how to do what I do. I offer the recordings as a benefit for you to hear the experience, but not to use as a way to try and emulate what I do. 

To schedule a clearing, please book a 30 min free call with me. 


​Does Your Home or Land Need Energetic Tending?  

  • Have you noticed something not feeling right? 

  • Are your animals acting strangely in your home?

  • Does your space feel heavy, sad, or uncomfortable? 

  • Is there constant fighting and bickering in your relationships? 

  • Are you hearing or seeing things in your space that are “creeping” you out? 

  • Are you having unexplained tiredness, restlessness, or just feeling off? 

  • Do you feel unsafe or scared in your environment, in certain parts of your house, or on your land?

  • Have you recently moved into a new home, new office, new room? 

  • Are you experiencing nightmares or night terrors or being woken up in the middle of the night? 

  • Do you experience sleep paralysis?

  • Do you catch yourself having strange thoughts that seem out of character or reacting emotionally in unusual ways? 


  • Creates an environment of peace. 

  • All dense energies that have been stuck will be released. 

  • Your environment will feel lighter, brighter, and relaxing. 

  • You may notice having more energy and calm. 

  • Less chaos, busyness, constant mess, or overwhelm. 

  • Will allow you to foster your sanctuary to provide you with a space that will support and nourish you. 

  • Better restful night’s sleep. 


$240 - Remote Session 

Payment will be invoiced when we book the session. 

*All home & land clearings are done remotely. 

  • A custom altar created for your session. 

  • Shamanic Journey energy clearing session.

  • A recording of the session. 

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