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We are the dreamweavers and the mapmakers of our lives. 


Spiritual Growth is a journey, not a destination.

I approach spiritual growth as a journey, where every step forward reveals another layer to peel back, exposing the path to your inner truth and wisdom

I approach Shamanic Healing with great reverence, honor, and respect. Shamanic Realms are a sacred space to venture forth on as our life's greatest spiritual adventures. And I liken the journey of Shamanic healing, to trekking up a mountain. When we trek to the top of the tallest peak, we don't just sprint up in one day; we take our time, we build healthy foundational strength, we encounter various stops and challenges along the way that shape us, build our endurance, show our weakness and our strengths, and allow us to get to know our authentic selves. 


The services I offer are done in different step-by-step processes based on the level of experience and depth of understanding each individual has of their own energetic systems.  This means we will create a customized healing plan for you depending on your experience with energy work, shamanic work, or other healing modalities.  And each step we take together will lead you further on your path.

Suppose you are unfamiliar with or have a weak self-awareness of your Energetic Eco-System. In that case, I suggest doing the Three Cauldron Sessions with me, which consists of foundational sessions and practices to help you integrate the deep shifts that can come from deeper Shamanic Healing sessions.  


Years of experience have shown me the importance of taking time to integrate the shifts and changes that can occur in the more profound sessions, and to do so safely, with lasting results, it is essential to have a solid understanding of your energetic foundations to support your journey.  And just like you wouldn't just go to the Gym once and walk away "in shape,"  the same goes for the spiritual work we do together.  Each session builds upon the next, giving you the greater self-awareness needed to go deeper into the roots. 

I am not here to heal or fix you but to guide you. You will hear me say, "Slow down, patience, take your time."  I believe that integration of spiritual growth is not a race. There is no finish line. I see things as less is more. This allows your body, mind, spirit, and soul to all catch up and grow together. When one moves too fast, it is easy to fall out of alignment with yourself, and this can lead to energetic burnout, vulnerabilities, and even self-trauma. Anything too fast, too much, or too soon can actually create more harm than harmony. 

So if you want to know more about my process, click the button below. 

Sound & Shamanism 
When we work together you can expect I will always use Sound. Sound is an important building block of how I work with the spirit world in a Shamanic Way. I use sound as a carrier wave of intention to help create, alter, call in, and shift energy. I spent 5 years apprenticing with a Shamanic Sound Healer where I learned how to combine, Sound + Intention + Spirit + An Open Heart to create real shifts. I do not use sound in the traditional way you may know of as in a Sound Bath or any other dogmatic practices associated with Sound Healing. I use sound as a way to alter states of consciousness, to sing and call in the spirits and to move stuck energies and to fill energy back up.  Sound has been used for 1000's of years as a healing tool and Shamans from many different cultures include sound in their practices. 
Almost every creation story begins with the first sound. 
I believe every human being's soul sings their song. We all resonate and vibrate differently. We are all part of the orchestra of life and each human plays their unique note. Which is why I do subscribe to dogmatic ways of using sound as a healing tool.  Something that may feel lovely and soothing to one, may feel chaotic and awful to another. I listen to catch a song or a sound and use it in every session that I do. 
  • Drumming to alter your brainwaves into a Theta State. 
  • Singing, to call in the well, loving, benevolent spirits. 
  • Crystal bowls to ground, release energy, fill in, and fill up energy. 
  • Bells and chimes to help with the integration process. 
  • And you will hear me singing throughout the session as I connect to the spirits, and catch a song that will be beneficial for your session. 

The work I do may not be right for everyone, I ask you to please read my philosophy, to have an understanding of my boundaries and what I expect from working together. I am not here to heal you or fix you. You are responsible for your healing, I am a catalyst and a guide to give you the tools and the keys to your own wisdom. 

**I also want to clarify, I am not a Reiki Practioner, I do not work passively with energy.

I work Shamanically, which is an ecstatic energetic practice working in the spirit realms.**

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