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Spirit Guide Retrieval 

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Spirit Guides 

What is a spirit guide? 

In Shamanism, spirit guides are one of the key factors to doing work in nonordinary reality or the space between time and space.  When we traverse different landscapes in our psyche and our spiritual world, having the loving support of a benevolent ally is beneficial on many levels, especially as we develop relationships with them over time.  A spirit guide can appear as an angel, animal, mythical creature, ancestor, ancient god or goddess, otherworldly entity, or interdimensional being. In my experience, I have found that we have many of them, each with a unique purpose, teaching, wisdom, healing, and job. The key to developing a healthy relationship with them is setting a clear intention and only calling in the benevolent, loving, supportive, well guides there for your support.  We never call in any or all guides or ancestors!

The first step on our journey together and why it is so important to have at least one to do this work with me.

Working in between the realms of the seen and unseen can be very exciting and wonderful. I like to say it’s like being awake in a dream walking between the worlds. 

Over the years I have developed many relationships with many different guides and every relationship is different. Having support from the spirit world helps keep you fully grounded and in your body. It may sound contradictory to work embodied in the spirit world, but working in a grounded, embodied way, is exactly what we ask the spirits to support you with. I believe spiritual work is embodied, grounded work that is amplified in the spirit realms with the support of the relationships that we build with our guides. 


When we are doing ritual shamanic healing work, we are asking to access the spirit world and to ask for help from guides to support us and keep us safe, sacred, and holy as we do so.  In the healing work I do, we traverse many different dimensions, not only are we working in this human realm and working with our subconscious programming and beliefs, but we work in between time, space, and dimension on a quantum level.  When we're working in these realms, having a guide who knows how to support you and is there for your benefit and well-being is very important to keep you safe as we journey through portals of energy creating shifts to your energetic threads. 


I begin our work together by retrieving a spirit guide for you. We ask for the guide who is waiting, who would like to present themselves for you, to be the guide to assist you on your healing journey.  This is where you will begin your relationship with them, and we will ask if they have a message, a gift, or a healing for you, and you will offer something in return. Reciprocity and being in right relationship can begin. 

You will come out of the session with a guide who will also be the guide to help you integrate whatever information presents itself for you in the journey. 

You will leave the session with tools to help integrate and build your relationship with the one or ones that show up for you. 


If you already work with a spirit guide or spirit ally and feel confident that they are the support you need, we can discuss moving forward to the next step which would be an energetic clearing. 


What is involved in your session? 

  • $111 - Remote Session. 

  • This can also be combined with an Energetic Extraction & Clearing for $180 

  • In-Person Sessions Price is to be Determined ( based on location) 

  • Payment will be invoiced once we schedule your session. (payment plans available)

  • 60 Minutes

  • A custom altar created for your session.

  • Brief discussion to set an intention.

  • Shamanic Journey Session either in-person or remotely online.  (this can be decided in our first call) 

  • Information given to help integrate your experience. 

All follow up communication about session will be done through email.  If you would like to discuss on the phone or Zoom, first 30 mins are free, then I charge $50 an hour. 
If you want to know more let's connect and see if we are in alignment working together, please book your 30-minute call with me, below. 
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