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Are you ready to begin your Shamanic Healing Journey?

Are you a Spiritual Seeker looking to go deeper, develop a more authentic self-awareness, nurture a stronger sense of self-trust, learn more about your own unique energetics, traverse the path to your inner landscape, and connect with the innate wisdom of your healer within?  

Then this is where we begin....

Foundational Sessions

If this is your first time working with me, and you are interested in my Shamanic Healing Sessions, then we will start at the beginning by retrieving you a Spirit Guide, and then we will move to an Energetic Clearing. We can do these sesssions seperate or as one session, you can read about each through the buttons below.   The next option is to go through the Energetic Boundaries sessions.  This is a way to dive deeper into understanding your personal, unique, energetic eco-system, which can be a great entry point into learning how to integrate the sessions in a deep way. It is not required, though. If you feel like you are ready to get into the roots of your issues, we can move to the next steps.  And if you feel like you have a grasp on your energetic boundaries, then we can for sure go deeper. 

Spirit Guide Retrieval 

If we haven't ever worked together, this is the first step. Before we dive into any Shamanic Healing practice, it is important to have your unique support from your personal Wise, Well, Benevolent Spirit Guides.

Energetic Extraction & Clearing 

The next step would be an Energetic Clearing or Extraction.  This is an important process to begin the transmuting of layers and density that may be built up in your fields that create a sort of muck.  Clearing allows the ability to go deeper into some of the bigger issues that may be coming up.  

Working with Your Energetic Centers

The 3 Cauldrons

( A Celtic Philosophy)

Do you currently work with your Energetic Fields and your Energetic Boundaries, or do you not know what that is? 

I have begun to work with our Energetic System from the Celtic Philosophy of the 3 Cauldrons. 

This work can be quite beneficial in integrating our sessions and also to help you notice when things feel compromised or when they are in harmony. 

Coming Soon!

Diving Deep Into The Roots (entry point work)

The below sessions are different types of Shamanic Healing Sessions I offer. If you feel you have a strong foundational understanding of your Energy Body interwoven with your self-awareness, these are the types of sessions we could do together. Some of these sessions will take us deeper into the Roots, into the beginning, into the darkness, and into our shadows. **Each Session Below Requires a Spirit Guide Retrieval and Energetic Extraction/Clearing. 

Grief Tending 

I have walked through the initiations of Grief more times than I can count. I am passionate about Grief Tending and Death Tending.  Grief Tending encompasses more than just the loss of a loved one through Death, any loss, of any kind will open up the gates and we begin to walk the landscape of Grief. Grief becomes a part of our human experience, and it is something to explore, navigate, integrate, and reconcile. It is not something to run from, to get rid of, or to fix.  I am a compassionate witness with my own grief, as well as wanting to be of service to you. If you would like to know more about my Grief Offerings, click below: 

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