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Extraction & Energetic Clearing 

Why an Energetic Clearing? 

Why would a clearing be the next step as we move towards deeper levels of healing?  

I always do an Energetic Clearing or what can also be called a Shamanic Extraction as the second step in the process. Because just like residue can build up over time in all things physical. Residue can also build up over time in all things energetic. This residue looks like many different things, from spirits, entities, thoughtforms, etc... These things take up space, clog channels, dim your light, and can throw your energetic system out of balance. 


Before we move into deeper sessions we start the releasing, alchemizing, and transmuting layers of things that are no longer beneficial for you, by clearing and cleaning your energy bodies. This clearing is the beginning of transmuting and alchemizing dense energies from your physical body, your energetic fields and may also reveal what may be causing compromises in your energetic boundaries. 


Through the many years of my experience, I have discovered the path to having a healthy energy body is directly connected to recognizing, acknowledging, feeling, and loving our wounded parts. One of the first steps to uncovering and tending to these wounds is releasing and peeling back the layers taking up value space. So here we begin to extract whatever is not in harmony with your unique vibration, to bring you closer to your true unwounded soul. 

This is where walking safely in between realms is very important as most of this clearing happens in what can be referred to as the "middle world," or what I call in Nordic terms "Midgard."  Midgard is the place of humans and all living things on Earth. It is also the place of fairies, gnomes, and other mystical creatures and beings. Not all spirit beings that exist in the Middle World abide by our human rules, they don't have the same ethics or morals, so it is important we do this with trusted spirit allies, which is why we retrieve your spirit guide first. The spirits I am in relationship with are the ones who do the actual clearing and extracting, I am not the one doing it. I am the one who is the seer, catalyst, antenna, and mouthpiece. My guides have been vetted and I trust them with all my being, they assist in keeping us safe and sacred in this work. 

These extractions can involve transmuting many different things like:

  • Thoughtforms,

  • Entities,

  • Disembodied spirits,

  • Curses,

  • Contracts,

  • Addictions,

  • Dense energies,

  • Timeline bleeds,

  • Unwell ancestors

  • Cord cutting,

  • and many others....

I also want to state that some of these things that we clear off you, are not things you can clear with sage, salt, crystals or reiki for example, they require spirit-guided assistance. So if you have had something that has been persisting and you have done different types of clearing and it doesn't seem to stick, this may be what has been missing. 

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Energetic Extraction & Clearing 


What is involved in your session? 

  • $180 - Remote Session. 

  • In-Person Sessions Price is to be Determined ( based on location) 

  • Payment will be invoiced once we schedule your session. (payment plans available)

  • 90 - 120 Minutes 

  • A custom altar created for your session.

  • Brief discussion to set an intention.

  • Shamanic Journey Session either in-person or remotely online.  (this can be decided in our first call) 

  • Information given to help integrate your experience. 

*All follow up communication about session will be done through email.  If you would like to discuss on the phone or Zoom, first 30 mins are free, then I charge $50 an hour. 

If you would like to know more, please make sure and book your first 30 minute call with me here:  

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