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Ancestral Tending

Do you feel the call to work with your Ancestors? 

Did you know in the Shamanic work I do, I learned to step away from others' sacred fires and tend to my own, which is steeped in Ancestral Wisdom? 

Ancestral Tending involves Ancestral Reverance and building relationships with the well, healed Ancestors that may be waiting on the edges of your periphery. 

Ancestor work is beautiful work that can help guide you into your own deeper wisdom and your own personal knowing that can teach you to respect and honor your spiritual path that is connected to your own Ancient Ancestry. 

Stay tuned I will be updating this service and how it will work soon.   I believe this to be another important step on a Spiritual Journey that can be quite beneficial once you are working with a healed and well line, usually traced back to Ancient times. 

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