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Sun, Jun 30


Rushing Waters Retreat

Sacred Fire: A Grief and Holy Rage Retreat for Women

Are you feeling lonely and isolated in your Grief and Rage? Are you a woman or a human who identifies as a woman? Then come spend the day with us and bear witness and be witnessed in a safe and sacred way to honor and respect all of your emotions.

Sacred Fire: A Grief and Holy Rage Retreat for Women
Sacred Fire: A Grief and Holy Rage Retreat for Women

Time & Location

Jun 30, 2024, 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM MDT

Rushing Waters Retreat , 1150 N Oakridge Dr, Centerville, UT 84014, USA

About the event

Join Aimee Traeden :: Shamanic Sound Healer & Death/Grief Doula, AND  Jessica Barnes :: Intuitive Sound Healer & Grief Doula, as we gather in the beautiful Wasatch Mountains at Rushing Waters Retreat Center to pay homage to our emotional landscape of Grief & Holy Rage. 

This day-long retreat will consist of multiple Shamanic Journeys, Sound Baths, Somatic Practices, and Shamanic Rituals to facilitate the alchemizing of emotions. We are not gathering to fix or get rid of them; we are coming together to feel them. As we join together in nature, we consent as adults to bear witness to others' pain and to be witnessed in our own.  

Grief was never meant to be experienced in isolation, yet we live in a culture that tends to isolate us when we are in deep emotion.  Most people learn at a young age that emotions = wrong, bad, negative, low vibration, too much, too sensitive, or crazy.  

This is NOT the truth.  

Believing our grief and our rage is wrong, bad, and too much keeps us in isolation. 

No matter the size or depth of your loss, let's come out from the loneliness and come together.  There is no measurement or judgment of grief and rage, as all loss can equate to opening that doorway into the depths of our being that can feel complicated and painful.  We welcome all loss here. 

What can you expect: 

  • Shamanic Journey to Retrieve a Helping, Supporting Spirit in Animal form to support you throughout the day. 
  • Shamanic Journeys to help Pendulate between love, joy, loss, grief, and rage. 
  • Sound Baths to help regulate our nervous systems and integrate the pendulation of emotion. 
  • A Shamanic Ritual to push our grief and rage out of our bodies to help release the pressure valve and allow our emotions to rise to the surface to be felt, seen, heard, witnessed and alchemized. (we are not fixing or working to get rid of or get over it) 
  • Time in nature to reflect, down-regulate your nervous system and connect to your inner knowing of your connection to the Earth, the ultimate healer. 
  • Somatic movement and practices to help embody and integrate what we may have been suppressing. 
  • Connection to others who have felt isolated in their grief and rage. 
  • A collective releasing of the grief and rage that exists on our planet. 
  • Delicious snacks and water. 
  • A Potluck dinner to connect to each other in community.

* In our Shamanic Journeys, we will be altering our brain waves with Sounds like drums, and singing bowls, NO PLANT MEDICINE is involved. 

**You do not need to have any Shamanic Journey experience.  Aimee Traeden a Shamanic Healer for over 11 years will safely guide you in a gentle and loving way to connect to your inner wisdom, and to be supported as we retrieve the Spirit Guide in Animal Form that will want to support you throughout the day. 

EARLY BIRD PRICING UNTIL JUNE 1st .  $111 - Payment Plans available at checkout.

AFTER JUNE 1st  $195 - Payment Plans available at checkout. 

***A more detailed schedule will be emailed after registration and closer to June.  But please make note this Retreat lasts from 

9:00 am - 9:00 pm and is about 25 minutes North of Salt Lake.  If you would like to spend the night in the area there are hotels and Airbnbs and may be an option to share an Airbnb together, let us know of your interest at time of registration and we will connect you.  We also may be able to stay on the property, we will know more about that soon and will let everyone know what that would look like. 


  • Some sort of organic offering to build our fire with, ie. flowers or food. It must be something that can burn, no metal or plastic, please. Something to represent your grief and/or rage to place on the community altar, ie. pictures or anything that feels significant for you. 
  • A drum or rattle if you have one (optional) 
  • There will be opportunities to hike around the property so a good pair of shoes if you want to hike around, and also some flip flops or sandals. There is water on the property that can dip your feet into. So also bring a towel if that is something that sounds like you may want to do. 
  • Layers of clothing dress for the weather as we will be outside and inside. We will be there from 9:00 am - 9:00 pm and will be outside during those times. Please bring whatever you will need to be comfortable with weather-related changes.  
  • Hat, Sunscreen, Bug Spray Blanket, Yoga Mat, and anything else you may want to be comfortable lying down. 
  • Camping chair or other easy-to-carry travel chair. 
  • Journal, Pen, and any other writing materials you may like to use in your Journal, i.e. colored pencils. 
  • Water bottle and water: we will also have water on site to refill your bottles, so bring a bottle. 
  • Any other drinks or snacks you may want to have for the day into night. We want you to feel nourished throughout the day, so ensure you have what you want. 
  • An easy lunch of some kind. We will also have some snacks available. But will not be providing lunch.  We won’t have an oven, but we do have a stove. 
  • Your dish for the Potluck dinner. We won’t have an oven, but we do have a stove. We will have room for crockpots, instapots, a fridge, and a microwave if needed. ( we will email out suggestions, and please mark what is in your dish for dietary restrictions)

Register Here

  • Sacred Fire Retreat

    Sale ends: Jun 27, 11:50 PM MDT
    • $195.00
      +$4.88 service fee



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