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Tree Stump
Step 7

Energetic Boundaries 105

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Tree Stump

Energetic Boundaries 101 

Spiritual Field & Boundary

And last we will explore your Spiritual Energetic Field & Boundary: This field radiates from the edge of your Relational Energetic Boundary, and can extend out up to 12 feet or more. We can expand this field and boundary way out there.

This field may present itself to you as the home of:

  • Higher mind. 

  • Connection to the unseen world. 

  • Connection to what I call spirit. 

  • Where you can explore new perspectives and "think outside the box."

  • Connection to the divine essence of all that is. 

  • How you interact with the unseen world. 

Your Spiritual Energetic Boundaries are the filters that control the information moving in and out of your Spiritual fields. After completing these sessions on your Energetics, you will have a deeper understanding of how to integrate the deeper Shamanic Soul Tending that we can do next. 

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