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Energetic Boundaries 104

Tree Stump

Energetic Boundaries 101 

Relational Energetic Field
& Boundary

​Next we move to the Relational Energetic Field & Boundary: This is the field radiating from the edge of your Emotional Energetic Boundary and can extend 4 to 6 feet. This field is our heart center and the way we express ourselves in the world.


This field may present itself to you as the home of:

  • Deep connection to the divine essence of love.

  • Deep connection the divine universal essence. 

  • How we express our creativity and our imagination.

  • How we communicate with the energies around us. 

  • The place we find and use our voice. 

  • It is where we learn how to be in relationship with our world. 

  • It is the place of all relationships; humans, spirits, animals, plants, and our environment. 

  • It is our heart's connection to all that is. 

  • This is where our intergenerational connections exist. 

  • Connection to our ancestors. 

  • This is the place where we learn reciprocity, the give, and receiving. 

Your Relational Energetic Boundaries are the filters that control the information moving in and out of your Relational fields.  You will leave with a deeper understanding of how this works for your unique expression in the world, how compromises feel and what they feel like when they are in harmony. We will also look at the chakras that are connected. 

chakras of a tree.jpg

$111 - Remote Session 

$188- In-Person Session 

Payment will be invoiced when we book the session. 

  • 60 Minute Session 

  • A custom altar created for your session. 

  • Discussion on Energetic Fields & Boundaries

  • Shamanic Journey session either in-person or remotely online. ( to be decided on our initial call)

  • Information to help with integration after session.

  • Homework to build your self-awareness.  

All follow up communication about session will be done through email.  If you would like to talk on the phone or meet on Zoom, I charge $50 an hour. 

If you have already done the first required sessions with me then we will schedule the rest of your sessions after our previous sessions. 

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