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Energetic Boundaries 101

Physical Energetic Field & Boundaries

In this session, we will begin exploring the separate Fields & Boundaries and start with the Physical Energetic Field & Boundary: This field radiates from your body out about a foot around you and is surrounded by your physical energetic boundary. 

This field is the epicenter for all the energy movement that impacts your physical body. It can also impact your emotional well-being and your feelings which may present as:


  • Security

  • Safety

  • Nurturing

  • Self-love

  • Self-trust

We will explore how this boundary and field get compromised, what that my feel like, and how to know if you have a healthy boundary in place to regulate the energy moving in and out of this field.  I will also give you some tools to help you keep this center clear and humming along in harmony.  We will explore the Chakras that are directly connected to this field and how to work with them as well. 

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