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Energetic Boundaries 101 

Emotional Energetic Field
& Boundary

In this next session, we will explore your Emotional Energetic Field & Boundary: This field radiates from the edge of your Physical Energetic Boundary, about another couple of feet. This field is the home of our emotional power center and the emotional energetic boundary filters which moves in and out of this field.


This field may present itself to you as the home of:

  • Feelings of empowerment.

  • Confidence.

  • Knowingness.

  • Drive and determination. 

  • Our Creativity and pleasure. 

  • Self-esteem.

  • Our direct connection to our emotional world on a "gut level."

  • Our passions and desires.

  • Our connection to our divine feminine and our divine masculine.

Like the before session, you will leave with a deeper connection to your own unique energetic expression in the world and how you interact energetically with energy moving in and out of your fields.  You will discover how it feels when it is compromised, and when it is in harmony. And we will work with the Chakras that are also directly related. 

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